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Houck's Newsletter

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What Founders Are Saying

“Houck's Newsletter is like having a personal coach for your startup. The tips and strategies are so on-point, I always come away feeling motivated and inspired to take action.”

Akhil ReddyFounder of Thera (YC S22)

“Houck is the real deal, everything he shares with founders is practical and tactical. There's no fluff, just incredibly helpful startup advice you can quickly take action on. ”

Brett AdcockFounder, Archer ($2.7 billion IPO)

“As a first time founder, the content that Houck creates in his newsletter has been super helpful to get started with my startup. There’s so much content out there about starting a company that I found myself overwhelmed with knowing what to believe and who to follow. Houck's Newsletter has been a lifesaver!”

Sida LuEarly stage founder, former Head of Rider Growth at Lime