I truly love working with founders at any point in their founder journey, but especially the early stages. I open up a limited amount of hours each week for advising.

I also do dedicated quarterly calls as part of my founder membership — where you’ll also get access to an engaged community of founders, events and meetups, courses, and a lot more.

My Background

My last startup, Launch House, raised a Series A from a16z, grew to a $3 million run rate, and hired a team that included top performers from Stanford, Uber, and Y Combinator.

We ultimately shut that company down after nearly 3 years — I’ve seen everything from both the highs and lows of the founder journey.

I also founded an early stage venture fund and have made over 50 investments into startups, so I understand both the founder and investor perspective on startups and fundraising.

Before all that, I was a product manager at Airbnb and also was an early team member at Uber Eats.

What Founders Say

What I Can Help With

I often help with a variety of founder questions, but can help the most with:

  • Fundraising

  • Go-to-market strategy, content marketing, & growth

  • Product strategy & validation

  • Hiring, culture, & management

  • Working through adversity as a founder

  • Co-founder dynamics