Will AI Replace Founders?

Will AI replace founders? Plus 8 AI-Resistant Ideas

This was a big week for the startup world — OpenAI continues to ship changes that alter what a viable startup idea even looks like on a weekly basis.

If GPT-4 can learn to create its own software and API documentation, does the world even need founders to build things anymore? Do any defensible startup ideas exist in the post-GPT4 world? Should we all just wait around for an AI-driven, UBI-induced blissful future?

LLMs are world-changing technology, but hype cycles lack nuance. There are still plenty of things for humans to build. With that said, the opportunities that will create tomorrow’s generational companies have definitely shifted.

I thought deeply about this this week and below you’ll find what I believe are the defensible areas to build something new in 👇

📖 What I’ve Been Reading

I love a hustler. Successful founders are scrappy and find strategic advantages wherever they can.

That’s why I read Just Go Grind, a free newsletter from Justin Gordon.

Each week he researches and shares a deep dive into the journey of a legendary founder like Sam Altman of OpenAI and the founders of Calendly, Canva, Flexport, and more.

I’ve found many of the stories to be inspiring and the lessons about fundraising, growth, hiring, and more to be timely. Recommended for sure.

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8 AI-Resistent Areas for Startups

It may be true that we’ve finally moved on from “software is eating the world” to “AI is eating software.”

And I mentioned to a friend this week that I think OpenAI should build a phone to compete with Apple since the need for apps may soon go away.

What does that mean for startups? Where are the actual opportunities?

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