GPT-4 Can Save Founders Hours Each Week (Here's How)

Too many AI tools, not enough time...

What a week.

The emotional swing from the low of the SVB crisis last weekend and Jason Calacanis’s caps lock, to the optimistic future offered by GPT-4 being released, to Balaji now betting $1 million on hyperinflation happening within 90 days… was a lot to process.

As founders we typically want to focus on the problems (so we can fix them), but for this week’s issue I’m focusing on the good things.

There’s a ton of Twitter threads about GPT-4, but most are full of examples that aren’t super actionable.

So this week’s post is all about how founders can specifically use GPT-4 to save time or money. 👇

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9 Ways Founders Can Leverage GPT-4

Write Code

GPT-4 can help both experienced and entry level engineers. A new engineer becomes capable and a 10x engineer becomes 100x:

Tools like are saving hours or even days of dev time pretty regularly and simultaneously dramatically lowering the barrier to entry for someone who wants to learn engineering.

For non-technical founders, it may now be possible to create simple scripts to automate early processes you’re doing even if you don’t have a technical member of your team.

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