🏦 I Asked 5 Top VCs About the Current Fundraising Climate

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Since fundraising is challenging at the moment, I'm trying something new — curated fundraising advice from great investors in my network. I've also added my thoughts.

We're fortunate to have some incredible investors sharing their current takes on how to navigate the market with us:

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🏦 The Investor Update

What's the current state of the fundraising markets?

A higher bar for being able to raise doesn't deter great founders, and that lower valuations actually give founders more flexibility and less risk with their next round.

Bar to successfully raise is higher than before. But the average quality of companies raising seems highest in the last few years. I personally invest in 8-10 companies / quarter and have already done 8—might go over 10 before EOY because there are so many excellent founders out raising currently.Valuations are now lower which is better for investors and founders who no longer have a high hurdle to clear for next round.

- Julian Weisser, On Deck

There's an interesting duality for investors right now — an uncertain future paired with a lot of already-raised capital sitting in their funds.

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