How to Write a Great Investor Update

With advice from Ryan Hoover, Greg Isenberg, Sahil Bloom, and more

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This week’s issue is also pretty special.

I spent the week chatting with a bunch of friends who are incredible investors, like Ryan Hoover, Greg Isenberg, and Sahil Bloom and more.

I asked them to tell me what they love about the investor updates they get from founders (and what they advise founders not to do, too).

And now I’m sharing their advice with you. Below you’ll read about:

  1. Why investor updates matter

  2. What to do and not do in your investor update

  3. My full investor update template

This is a big one, so let’s dig in 👇

Why Investor Updates Matter

Investor updates are a tool for founders that are good for four key things:

Building Investor Confidence

Your investors trusted you with their capital. You want them to believe that was a good decision.

If they believe you’re a thoughtful steward of their capital, they’ll be more likely to go above and beyond for you in future fundraising rounds either by directly investing again, or by introducing you to other investors they’re friendly with.

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