10 Metrics to Align Your Team to Shared Goals

Use these as your north stars

Before becoming a founder, I built an analytics team at Uber and saw how tracking the right metrics aligns a team.

Startups are often as much — if not more — an art as a science, but even if data isn't always reliable or accessible in the early stages, metrics act as a shared north star for your team and give them clarity in the often-ambiguous situations they're typically in.

They also hold you and your team accountable, which builds trust.

I shared the 10 metrics that startups should orient themselves around below along with some context on each 👇

Read time: 5 minutes

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10 Metrics to Align Your Team to Shared Goals

You can calculate some of these metrics yourself here via our friends at Backup Parachute.


Your startup will die without capital. Your runway is how many months you have left alive, based on how much you're burning per month. The amount you're burning is your revenue minus your expenses. If this is < $0, then you're burning (losing) money.

Best practice is to always have at least 12 months of runway. Otherwise, raising from VCs will be much more challenging as they'll consider the investment considerably riskier.

Runway = Cash in the bank / Monthly burn

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