Reference Checks as a Service

And a lesson in humility

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🤝 A Message from Everbloom

Last year YouTube paid out $17 billion to creators. That's huge. And with the creator economy projected to double in size by 2027, it's still early.

I met the founder of Everbloom earlier this year and was impressed by his vision for a world where YouTubers can grow faster by offering a share of their future earnings in exchange for an early investment. When he let me know their team has identified a new creator with moonshot potential, I was excited.

Kavos is a proven YouTuber who already has 1.26 million engaged subscribers and has generated 233 million views. He's partnered with Everbloom and now they're making it possible to invest in his channel for the first time.

💡 Opportunity: Reference Checks as a Service

I love this idea. I wrote about how data-moats will be increasingly defensible in a world with AI.

Someone should unbundle the low-signal LinkedIn Recommendations feature and create a network of verified recommendations that companies can use to validate hires and VC firms can use to learn about founders they’re interested in funding.

Here’s a deeper breakdown of the idea from the founder of CB Insights.

🧠 Framework: The Decision Matrix

Yesterday I tweeted about decision-making at startups.

I love this simple framework for making decisions. It’s called The Decision Matrix. At startups, all decisions can be categorized into one of these four:

  1. Irreversible and inconsequential

  2. Irreversible and consequential

  3. Reversible and inconsequential

  4. Reversible and consequential

A founder’s job is to put each decision into one of these boxes and make sure the right person is making the decision.

🛠 Tool: Pasito

Healthcare and payroll are typically two of the largest expenses for a growing startup. I remember how much time and money this took to get set up right at my last startup.

Pasito (a YC company) is a tool that helps companies cut avoidable healthcare and payroll charges. They use personal health, payroll, and financial data to educate employees towards the right choices for their individual needs.

📈 Trend: Overemployed

The subreddit  r/Overemployed  is growing rapidly. It’s a community of people who work multiple, simultaneous remote jobs.

I'm sure employers don't love this trend, but despite  Sam Altman declaring remote work "over" , an increasing amount of companies are still embracing it.

💬 Quote

Your startup is never too big for you to listen to your users because there's never a limit to how much you can improve your product or service.

Airbnb hasn't been a "startup" for years now, but Brian Chesky still runs it like one in the best way possible.

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