I Left My Startup This Week

And 8 Other Reasons Founders Leave Startups

I left my startup this week. You can read more about my journey here.

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Choosing to leave a startup you founded is a complex, hard decision no matter what stage you’re at. So I wrote about it!

This week’s post is about the reasons founders, and how to know you should, decide to leave your startup.

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Read time: 5 minutes

Leaving a startup you founded is emotional and can exacerbate the extreme highs and lows of startup life both in the lead-up to making the decision and also afterwards.

But there are plenty of valid, legitimate reasons to move on and try something new.

In each of the scenarios below first make sure your team, investors, and customers will be ok. Have a plan to avoid putting the company at risk. A founder leaving can be a destabilizing event even into the later stages, as I wrote about a few weeks ago.

If you leaving will kill the company, consider exploring a sale before moving on.

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