12 Curated Guides From Y Combinator's Startup Library

I read through hundreds of posts to send you these 12

Founded in 2005, Y Combinator has become the most celebrated and well known startup accelerator in the world.

Countless incredible startups like Stripe, Airbnb, Coinbase, Doordash, Reddit, and many more have gone through YC. In total, YC's top companies are worth over $300 billion.

Over the years, YC has developed curriculum that they share with founders who join their batches. Some of these talks get recorded and shared as guides in their startup library.

From the hundreds of blog posts and videos in the library, I've curated 12 here that will be particularly helpful for early stage founders.

12 Curated Guides from YC's Startup Library

A Guide to Seed Fundraising | link

Concise and actionable — this guide from YC President Geoff Ralston covers everything from what not to do when talking with investors, to when to actually raise in the first place.

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